Xio’s Lore

Xio's Journey

King Anu Meets Xio

King Anu found Xio in the 11th Dimension on one of his peace-keeping missions. This dimension is largely unknown, but most commonly associated with time travel, parallel universes, and interdimensional travel. Not much is known about the inhabitants or species who live here in the 11th.

Xio was holding something in his hand, it was glowing with an ominous blue light. King Anu knew, as soon as he saw it, that it was the paraverse cube. Not sure how he had it but King Anu decided to take a security measure and have his protective detail, the Hawk Heads take Xio with him to his home in the Royal Floating Gardens.

When he woke up, Xio was, reasonably so, quiet and concerned. King Anu leaned down to speak to him, trying to level with Xio’s position on the floor but ended up stumbling when he spoke back in the same language. It was an advancement that Xio had acquired over years of research and evolution, one that lent him the ability to speak to anything or anyone he wanted to.

Still unsure if he could trust King Anu, Xio spoke carefully as he explained how he had gotten there. His planet and his species, the Aetherians, had been attacked by a power-hungry race of aliens, a species that had only been talked about when he was a young Baby Xio and he had barely managed to escape with his life by rewiring a teleportation pod into a portal. He’d crashed onto Planet X after hours upon hours hurtling through spacetime, not knowing where he was going to end up. Xio explained that the paraverse cube could be deadly in the wrong hands because it had the intrinsic ability to grant whoever held it to summon other-parallel dimensional versions of themselves.

King Anu, is a just and fair man who believes in peace. He saw how worried Xio was, how fiercely he protected the artifact, and realized how kind-hearted he was, so he asked Xio if he’d like to stay and help him rule his kingdom, a floating Sky Satellite City that rotates and surrounds Planet X. 

Xio and the 11

Several years later, strange things began happening on Planet X. Years earlier, King Anu had given Xio some of his ELIXIR to drink, hoping that it would help him get stronger and more capable to protect him. Instead, Xio and his brilliant and quick-witted ideas lead him to create 11 super clones of himself using the fluid from the ELIXIR. 11 Super-Xios had been isolated in every one of the 12 Dimensions. He had created clones of himself, saying that evil would come for them all one day and that they needed to be prepared.

Then, the worst happened. Inevitably, the creatures, the same ones that destroyed the Aetherians and Xio’s planet all those years ago, came back. They were quick, agile, and ruthless, and they never let themselves be seen. They had no name, so we called them the Unknown. The Unknown would attach themselves to hosts and control them in order to orchestrate their own destruction. In certain species, the Unknown is able to combine their traits with the host, causing them to become much stronger than the host’s body could handle, transforming them into an even greater, spine-chilling, and blood-curdling alien hybrid. 

Located on the far side of Planet X that is trapped in eternal darkness, the Unknown attach themselves to a species that is conspiring with the evil Ice King. King and Queen Izisis govern the 7th Dimension, the Spirit Dimension, and an army of ice soldiers and vampires on the dark face of Planet X. 

Xio could tell something was wrong, crime rates were going up, and more and more people were turning up dead with no signs or clues of what happened. Xio told King Anu that he was going to be back, he felt that he could not tell King Anu in the fear that it would cause mass panic and commotion in the Kingdom.

Xio teleported to all 11 other dimensions and released his clones one by one. The 11 super copies of Xio could each mimic any trait they wanted, and for simplicity’s sake, Xio had simply chosen to name them each by the order he had created them in. They embodied traits of the Kingdoms and Dimensions that they resided in, one in specific resembling a beast from the Ice Lands and another with some sort of robotic mechanical suit. 

Xio suggested that they check out the 11th Dimension to ensure nothing was amiss there. Because of its position in the metaphysical, that dimension, in particular, could affect the dimensions around it in ways larger than most could imagine.

Xio Encounters the Unknown

As Xio and his 11 clones entered the 11th Dimension, they found themselves being attacked. Number 6 got the brunt of the first attack because he’d been in the front, and the rest of them watched as he began to mutate. A horrible, dark aura began to emit from his shaking body, as he spurted blood and bones in every direction. Horrified, the others had to step aside as he crumbled, and continued to fight. 

Xio, desperate, used a special device and teleported back to King Anu’s palace and began to ransack his treasure room, searching frantically for the para verse cube. Finding it hidden behind a stack of weaponry, Xio wrapped it in a sheet called the Cloak of Galaxy. He clutched it to his chest and begged for it to lend him its power. He sobbed he groveled, he even sat there and explained the situation to it in detail, as if it was a person. 

Eventually, frustrated, he hurled the artifact at the wall. The cube began to glow, emitting a bright, pulsing blue. A portal appeared behind him, out of which came a body. Then another, and another, until the room was filled with different versions of Mr. Metaverse.

To Be Continued…




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