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The expansive ecosystem comprises the Planet X Movie, the Mr. Metaverse NFT Collection, a play-to-earn gaming Movie Metaverse, and an X-files style TV scripted drama series – all in development.


The NFT Collection

Our NFT is a collection of 8,888 2D & 3D alien characters that will be featured in the Movie, TV Series, and play-to-earn game (in development). Our NFTs are packed full of utilities across the ecosystem and include future NFT drops for specific holders.



Be the first to acquire movie roles, speaking roles, film set visits, CGI roles and more when minting our NFT!

Planet X Movie

The “PLANET X” Movie is a monumental science fiction fantasy adventure with a dark and seductive storyline of ‘Power’, inter-dimensional technology, and ‘secrecy’ which users will be able to actively take part in by entering the associated Movie Metaverse.

  • The movie is an original, ancient alien thriller with comparisons to ‘Star Wars, ‘Game of Thrones, ‘The Godfather’, ‘The Matrix’ & ‘Dune’.

The Planet X chronicles deliver on all the much-loved movie tropes, along with an innovative dark, double twist. The project also aims to create movie-making history by being the first entertainment franchise to integrate movie-themed NFT collectibles with its own virtual Movie Metaverse created from the storyline, back story, and script.

An adapted screenplay from Sumerian clay tablet translations discovered in 1849, the film script has received a ‘consideration’ from Paramount Pictures script department.

True Nature Of Power

The movie examines the true nature of ‘power’ and uncovers a ‘secret’ of trans-dimensional space travel which started the war saga of the ‘Five Ruling Realms’ and the race to find a new ‘Birth Planet’ first.

PLANET X has followed its Hypervelocity Star called ‘NUN’ through the multi-verses, it has discovered dimensions only speculated upon here on PLANET EARTH.

A Secret

However, PLANET X and her star system are similar to what could happen here on Earth being close to extinction. The most immediate concern is that PLANET X has begun to drift towards her ‘Mother Star’, NUN, which she follows, including her solar system and the many moons which circulate it. Currently, this is only known to the ruling class, Royal Bloodlines, and the rival realm rulers in the galaxy. But, it won’t be long before the rest of the population figures it out…and the ‘secret’ is known. 

One consequence of this drift is the erosion of the planet’s protective atmosphere. The increased heat and radiation is neutralizing gold trapped in the upper atmosphere. Without the gold, Planet X is heating up and radiation is increasing to dangerous levels in the Swallow Sands and melting ice caps in the ice peaks.



History & Evolution

A tidally-locked planet, one side constantly facing its hypervelocity star, the other facing the depths of space and in-between, a paradisiacal climate and landmass called The Golden Banner where the majority of inhabitants live.


The Ice Caps and Swallow Sands become increasingly brutal environments the closer you get to the poles. Each has its own indigenous predators, ferocious creatures adapted to the extremes over a long evolution. Each kingdom is the primary provider of one of three essential resources for the entire planet. Each Kingdom cannot survive without the other. The Swallow Sands generate vast amounts of power from solar energy. The Golden Banner provides the technology to create the majority of the food and clean water. 

The Ice Caps or Ice Plains provide mineral resources, including a rarefied mix essential for making ELIXIR when combined with gold particles, which are found only in the planet’s upper atmosphere inhabited by KING ANU on the Royal Floating Gardens. The supply of ELIXIR is limited and reserved for the Royal Bloodline. CASSIUS, son of King Anu, will be sent to KI (Earth) in search of gold, the vital mineral they need to protect their planet.


12 Dimensions & The 5 Realms

The ‘Five Realm Worlds’ of the desert, ice, space-time, air, and land control and rule overall dimensions, species, races, planets, and all governing entities and beings in the entire galaxy.


“For billions of years, our planet has stood still facing our sun, unable to turn the other face towards her. One side turned to desert and a burning hell of fire, volcanoes, and molten liquid. The other, an eternity of darkness, a forbidden land of giant ice castles, snow creatures, ice monsters, and civilization with frozen hearts hellbent on our destruction.”

The boundary to the Golden Banner is marked by a line of ominous-looking mechanical droids on each side. War-like, dark and metallic, smaller than most, their still weighty appearance suggests impenetrable protection. Behind these droids is a huge wall — very much like the Great Wall of China —— but five times taller, which snakes down the planet from top to bottom. A few gaps in the Great Wall are filled by bridges that are hundreds of miles in width.


Plot Summary

King Anu and his Royal Bloodline, who the movie is centered around, live in the Royal Floating Gardens, circulating above the planet. They are the Planetary Overlords. As we learn, PLANET X is at war and on the brink of self-destruction. A bitter and deadly interstellar battle played out across the five warring realms, has raged over a new ‘secret’ ultra-technology.

Power of this technology provides knowledge and possession of The Royal Bloodline’s prized currency, ELIXIR.

ELIXIR is a rare crystal-infused concoction drunk by Royals and other governing or powerful entities and species to make themselves immortal (barring any devastating physical injury).

The currencies on Planet X are ‘M3TA’ and ‘ELIXIR’ (tickers coming soon).

Learn more about Planet X here: https://www.huffpost/PLANETX


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“PLANET X” is a science fiction franchise across gaming, NFTs, TV, online MetaVerse and a big budget sci-fi Movie in development. An epic war saga of Ancient Aliens with a dark and seductive story about the true nature of ‘power’, and a new ‘secret’ new inter-dimensional technology.

The Movie is an adapted screenplay from ancient Sumerian clay tablet writings, discovered in 1849 by British archeologist, Austin Henry.

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