The Movie Metaverse is now working with Dr. Steven Greer and making a scripted TV series about his life story. Classified document and UAF images, videos and transcripts will be released as NFTs and featured in the series. 

Dr. Steven Greer has had a number of No.1 Netflix shows as documentaries including Unacknowledged and Close encounters of the 5th kind. The producers and founders of Planet X will be working with Steven and script writers to bring his life story to life in an X-files style political thriller.

We are looking for writers to join our writing team. Please contact us for details.

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“PLANET X” is a science fiction franchise across gaming, NFTs, TV, online MetaVerse and a big budget sci-fi Movie in development. An epic war saga of Ancient Aliens with a dark and seductive story about the true nature of ‘power’, and a new ‘secret’ new inter-dimensional technology.

The Movie is an adapted screenplay from ancient Sumerian clay tablet writings, discovered in 1849 by British archeologist, Austin Henry.

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