The story of Planet X is based on The Godfather to celebrate its 50th Anniversary this year, the TV series takes place on planet Earth after the time period of the movie.


In 1849, British archaeologist Sir Austen Henry Layard discovers the Sumerian clay tablets during an archaeological dig. As they are translated, they tell the story of Planet X…


Planet X is at war and on the brink of destruction. A bitter and deadly interstellar battle across five warring sides, has raged over control of interstellar technology to gain knowledge of The Grand Creators and possession of ‘Elixir’,rare concoction drunk by powerful entities and species to make themselves immortal (barring any devastating physical injury). Soon a new secret technology is discovered, which could be their salvation or lead to total annihilation.




The film opens with a voice-over from The Architect from Planet X.



For over an eon, a war has raged over longevity and technology.

A bitter war between the Five Realms: Desert, Ice, Forest, City, and Space – the worlds that govern the universe and the twelve dimensions of Spirit and Flesh. Light and Dark. Conscious & Dream state. Real & Virtual. Life and Death. 

For he who travels further into space gains more understanding of its power, and more knowledge of the Enlightened Ones… The Watchers & The Grand Creators of all things…


High above Planet X sits the Royal Floating Gardens of ‘Islandia’,where King Anu,ruler of one of the Five Realms, hosts a treaty wedding for one of his twin daughters. Through sacrificial ceremony, she is being married into the spirit world and being freed from her physical body.


King Anu listens to requests and accepts gifts from the great houses and the realm rulers. 


Throughout the film we hear the voiceover of The Architect giving us the history of Planet X as it follows its hypervelocity star through the galaxy at 5% the speed of light, meaning their time is thousands of times slower relative to human years. This time dilation goes back to Einstein’s theory of special relativity.




For Billions of years, our planet ‘Islandia’ has followed our Sun – ‘Nun’ through the galaxy. 


A tidally locked planet. Each face face of the planet eternally doomed; one side a cursed desert face of skinwalkers and sand-buried cities,




and the other face — an eternity of darkness, a forbidden land of giant ice castles, snow creatures, and a civilization of frozen-hearted vampires hellbent on our destruction.



King Anu’s youngest son, Cassius,happily estranged from his family’s warmongering, has been living much of his life in the peaceful computer-generated virtual worlds of the sixth dimension also known as ‘The Metaverse’.


Cassius enters the ceremony, introducing his girlfriend Bella to his extended family and General Cypher Kroll. Bella is from the fifth dimension, also known as the ‘base’ reality we are familiar with on Earth.


Enkil, Anu’s eldest son, is the aggressive, impulsive, would-be heir to the empire. His anger erratic behavior stems from his dependency on the Elixir. Material possessions and financial wealth on PLANET X was superseded many thousands of years ago by the vital Elixir. Elixir (or longevity) is the only true global currency on Planet X..


The extended family of sons and wives mix with the wedding guests attending from different worlds throughout the galaxy. We see members of different realms leave their ice and desert worlds. Humanoid men & women, 

hybrid alien creatures, NFT mutants, relics, reptilians, greys, cyborgs & droids, orbs & spirit souls, and other famous NFT characters all attend.



(addressing the crowd)

For over a Millennia, The Alliance working with thousands of planetary members of The Accord has interbred and interlocked their species to try to retain peace within the 12 Dimensions. It was agreed many years ago that The Accord would join forces and focus on light rather than dark… Peace rather than pain, working together for ultimate knowledge of The Grand Creators and their mysterious balls of light… 


Baron of Elixir, Vandal Wraith of Megatropolis, backed by Overlord Ashoa of the Desert Realm and King & Queen Izisi of the Ice Worlds, asks Anu to allow trading and distribution of Elixir to their ice and desert outer-worlds. 


Vandal Wraith needs the King’s granted protection of Elixir deep space trade routes. Enkil and Dionysus, his head of staff, support the idea of expanding the production line.


He learns he has two opposing personalities. One good, one evil.


Anu is against their involvement, weary of his enemies becoming more powerful.


Anu declines, aware of the effects of Elixir.


After the meeting, Anu explains to Artemis, his consigliere (and Enkil’s half-brother) that they must prioritize on their secret and most important task. Before they continue in detail, Enkil is asked to leave the room, much to his disgust. 


Here we learn of the immediate concern to PLANET X, she has begun to be pulled closer to the hypervelocity star she follows through space. Currently, this is only known to the House of Anu, rulers of the air realm, but it will not be long before the rest of the realms, kingdoms and great houses figures it out. One consequence of this gravitational pull is the overheating of the deserts of the Swallow Sands, causing huge flooding by melting ice peaks on Islandia.


After the meeting, Enkil demands that Artemis and the twelve council members tell him of the ‘secret’, but they are unable to. Enkil also confronts Anu, but he too refusesto tell him, saying he is not ready.




The first technology-related race was the mastering of interstellar light speed travel, followed soon after by the discovery of the great stargates. 


Many thousands of years later, the desert realm discovered that wormholes were  a living energy force, sucking plasma from passing suns to power their movement, used as a harness to carry star discovery fleets across 20% of the known universe. 



However, conquering the Wormholes initiated the first great war between the realms after the discovery of ‘Elixir.’ Now rulers could live for thousands of years, becoming immortal……Gods.


For the last hundred thousand years, a fierce battle for Elixir production has taken place between all five realms. 


Yet, within the last five hundred years, a ‘secret’ innovative technology has been developed by the House of Anu, allowing for travel anywhere in the universe through a process called “Thought Materialization”.


Suspicious, Anu sends his diplomats to meet with the rulers of the desert and ice realm to investigate Vandal Wraith’s proposal. 


On arriving at the desert and ice worlds, the diplomats are murdered, and shortly afterwards there is an attempt to assassinate Overlord Anu. 


Anu survives the assassination attempt but is badly injured. Enkil takes temporary control of the empire, governing Islandia under the House of Anu.


Enkil demands to know the ‘secret’, but as long as Anu is still alive, the twelve council members and Artemis hold a vow of silence with Anu. 


Enkil discovers from The Architect that the planet is in immediate danger. Cassius leaves his family in the sixth to visit his  recovering father on a highly protected moon base. Cassius thwarts another attempt on his father. Enkil retaliates with an attack on the elixir plantations owned by King & Queen Izisis.


Enkil, Dionysus, and Cassius decide it best to cease-fire with Vandal Wraith and the other realm rulers. Cassius arranges to meet Vandal Wraith in Megatropolis and negotiate a peace treaty.


The negotiation is set inside one of the giant space scrapers that powers the servers for the sixth dimension. At the meeting, Cassius kills Vandal Wraith and his entourage with a concealed weapon that has been concealed at their meeting point weeks before.


Cassius escapes and returns to the sixth with Sophia to take refuge.


The House of Anu, now under the rule of Enkil, falls into disorder as he becomes consumed by power and greed for the Elixir. Traitors to Enkil sell secrets to the other realms about the danger to Islandia in exchange for cryptocurrency they can use on the sixth. As a result, an all-out war erupts between the five realms for ultimate control of the elixir production and the discovery of the secret technology that could save the planet. 




Electronic billboards in Megatropolis show the effects of the war between the five different realm worlds. The space realm is made up of deep space trading routes, where colonies and pirates that have left their home planets to live and travel amongst the stars.


Anu finally returns home to the Royal Floating Gardens; he is disappointed to learn that Cassius has participated in the killing of the Megatropolis crime boss and his associates. 


Upon Anu’s return, Enkil discovers that Cassius has been told details of the secret technology. Enkil is enraged. 


Seeing the dark side effects Elixir has had on Enkil, Anu stops all Elixir distribution and bans Enkil from any use of it. Enkil questions Anu again about the secret technology they are developing, but again he is not told any details of the secret. 


Knowledge is power. 


Enkil takes an overdose of Elixir, supplied and pushed by his personal doctor Faucii Almaa. Over usage of the Elixir provides enhanced strength for a fleeting period and he uses this power against the councilmen. 

He ends up going berserk and killing the 12 Councilmen for not telling him about the ‘secret’.


Enkil decides it is “better to reign in hell than serve in heaven” and flees from his ledge on the Royal Floating Gardens, landing in the narrow,dirty backstreets of Megatropolis.


Here he finds he can steal from the illegal smugglers and have as much Elixir as he can get his hands on.

Soon he will replace Vandal Wraith as the ruler of Megatropolis and is now hell-bent on stealing the secrets of the technology for his own.


While in the sixth dimension Cassius has married Sophia and on their wedding day informs her of the danger to Planet X and the secret modern technology which can save their planet. 


Over the coming days, Sophia presses Cassius for more information and he finally explains who developed the technology, but not where it is currently being evaluated. 


Cassius and Sophia are walking their children on a cliff edge above the pink lakes when she turns to him and coldly explains she is not who he thinks she is. She confesses she is Queen Izisis, behind the avatar of Sophia.


We cut to the ice castle of Queen Izisis in her virtual reality hibernation bed, as she talks Sophia mirrors her words. 


She heartlessly thanks Cassius for the secret information and steps over the cliff taking her own life. 


Cassius is completely devastated. 


Back on the Royal Floating Gardens, Anu assembles an emergency meeting between the great houses of the five realms. He assures the realms rulers that he will withdraw his opposition to the intergalactic Elixir distribution. He announces that he will forgo vengeance for his attempted murder on the condition that Cassius is pardoned for the murder of Vandal Wraith and is allowed to return to the Royal Floating Gardens unharmed.


His safety guaranteed, Cassius returns home to help run the House of Anu and oversee Islandia. Time has passed, Cassius visits Bella, his old love in the fifth, telling her that he collaborates with his father now. However, he promises they are no longer in the business of Elixir and the planet will be at peace when he takes over from his father. He proposes to Bella, who agrees to marry him. 


Bella gives birth to hi-bred children with some of the great houses to try and bring peaceful alliances within the galaxy of realms.


Cassius starts moving his family to one of the highly protected orbiting moons where the secret technology is in its final stages of being evaluated. 


Anu works with star mappers within a secret location in the Golden Banner to find the ‘Birth Planet’ as Cassius runs the empire from the floating gardens circling above the planet. 


However, Cassius has started using the Elixir himself bringing out his aggressive nature. Within a dream, the ninth dimension, Anu tells Cassius that whoever approaches him to arrange a meeting between him and King Izisis is a traitor. Cassius also has a vision of his father’s death. 


Cassius travels to the Golden Banner to warn his father of his dream. Dreams are messages from The Grand Creators. However, before he could warn ANU, a final and successful assignation attempt is made on Anu and his team of star mappers. 


One of the star mappers escapes and tells Cassius that Anu has found the Birth Planet. Cassius must now travel to the ‘cursed’ desert plains to meet with Anu in the Spirit World, the seventh dimension, as he is the only person with the knowledge of the secret location somewhere in the galaxy.


Through euthanasia, Cassius is passed to the spirit realm where he meets his father. Anu tells him of the location of the Birth Planet in a distant galaxy. But before he can tell him where the secret technology is hidden, a dream demoness Lilith steal’s Anu soul. Cassius is brought back to life but brings back Lilith “a shadow” that will torment him in his dream dimension, the eighth, for the rest of his days. 


At Anu’s funeral, General Cypher Kroll, a member of the House of Anu’s inner circle, asks Cassius to meet with King Izisis, who identifies Kroll as the traitor that Anu had foreseen. 


Bella has spent their entire relationship convincing Cassius to use their hybrid children to make treaty alliances with all the realms which will finally bring peace to their planet. 


Cassius agrees but uses the opportunity to kill the rulers of each of 

The murders occur simultaneously as all realm rulers travel to the peace ceremony. At the same time, the House of Anu attacks each of the power bases of each realm ruler in the ice, desert, forest, and megacity worlds.


On the way to the ceremony General Cypher Kroll realizes that Cassius has uncovered his betrayal. We also come to realize he had been the traitor selling the family’s secrets. He is surrounded by mercenaries of House of Anu, Artemis steps away and watches as he is taken away to be killed.


At the same time, Cassius confronts Faucii Almaa about why he continued to provide the fateful Elixir to realms. Enkil, knowing he was becoming gravely ill by the drug. Cassius assures Faucii he will not be killed if he goes into exile to the distant planet Geonosis (also known in ‘Star Wars’). However, when Faucii is taken away to a waiting spaceship, he is strangled to death while Cassius observes on a small screen.


Cassius’s wife and family are taken into protective custody from the ceremony. They arrive at the secret location where the ‘Thought materialization’ has been developed and is now ready.


Bella consoles their children, who are both enraged learning they have been used for this act of violence and even more bewildered to hear they are not allowed home.


Cassius arrives and is shown the technology working. We see hundreds of aliens known as the ‘greys’ in rows of hibernation beds, cables are connected to their heads which lead to a huge ball of light at the end of a huge platform that looks across the horizon. The arrival committee preparing for Cassius’s arrival are seen being ushered into the huge ball of light in preparation for travel. We see a thought matter device on a LED screen surrounded by other worlds.


The technicians mention this is trans-dimensional travel powered by consciousness and quantum entanglement, they suggest that the Birth Planet might be in an entirely new dimension.


Finally, the ‘secret’ is revealed to the audience.


Cassius overlooks operations from his chamber and is finally confronted by Bella.


Bella is hysterical and questions Cassius about his role in the deaths of the other realm rulers. Cassius lies blaming King Azisis for the murders and that they were just retaliating. He also reminds her that he promised to bring them peace during his lifetime……and to her horror, she is told that peace will come by inhabiting a new Birth Planet.


As he talks the door closes to all the hibernation beds preparing for thought materialization technology to start, as new advisors arrive paying their respects to Cassius. 


They kiss the ring.


The film ends with smoke billowing up from both faces of the Planet, the entire planet lies in ruin and devastation. 


Plot Twist:

As the camera pans out, the big twist is that the desert and ice realms are not from different planets but from the ice and desert faces of planet X! The audience has previously believed that these rulers were from entirely different planets, in fact, they all live on Planet X.


Planet X is a tidally locked planet and so one face facing the sun is desert and the other face of ice. 


Plot Twist 2:

The Architect’s voice-over talks of the history of the realm rulers being of the same bloodline. Brothers were sent to protect each face of Islandia, but, instead, they turned on each other for the power of the Elixir, just as Enkil and Cassius have. 


Plot Twist 3:

We fade in, Cassius is walking through a new desert planet talking to Artemis and his advisors, in the background we see spaceships placing huge stone blocks on the base of a giant pyramid. 


Cassius turns to Artemis and his advisors and says we will call this planet “Earth.”


The End. 


End Credit Scene: Enkil is constructing his own ‘Thought Materialization’ technology, on a large screen next to the ball of light we zoom out to see a picture of Earth.



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“PLANET X” is a science fiction franchise across gaming, NFTs, TV, online MetaVerse and a big budget sci-fi Movie in development. An epic war saga of Ancient Aliens with a dark and seductive story about the true nature of ‘power’, and a new ‘secret’ new inter-dimensional technology.

The Movie is an adapted screenplay from ancient Sumerian clay tablet writings, discovered in 1849 by British archeologist, Austin Henry.

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