• September 2021

    The idea of Mr. Metaverse NFTs and the Movie Metaverse is created.

  • October 2021

    Planet X World virtual Land Parcels, film frames, script pages and movie characters are designed.

  • December 1 - 3, 2021

    Dcentral, Art Basel, Miami.
    The team of Planet X meets with a number of high-profile NFT collection creators and designers to partner on the expansive Movie Metaverse project.

  • May 2022

    Sandbox, Roblox & Decentraland Spaceports
    to Planet X

    "Planet X" will be looking to build a Spaceport and Wormhole generator on Sandbox and Decentraland so visitors can access our Planet X Metaverse.
    Whereas many of the existing Metaverses are ‘blocky’ our own Metaverse will be as near to life-like and as realistic as you can get.


  • APRIL 2022 - ongoing

    Movie Metaverse Development
    We are in discussion with some of the largest VR gaming and metaverse companies! While our metaverse is being created, we are looking at land to buy in Sandbox and Decentraland to host events, community meetings, and hangouts.

    With our community as the center of our project, the goal is to combine the Metaverse and the real world. Also, MetaTroopers will benefit from exclusive drops ranging from free Land Parcels, Avatars, Virtual wearables, Film Frame NFTs, and exclusive merchandise & accessories matching your own unique characters. (Read more about MetaTroopers on Discord).

    Computer Simulated Virtual Worlds called "the 6th" will also appear in the Planet X Movie. See Movie Synopsis.

  • May Ongoing - Mutant Staking

    Once you own a mutant not only will that NFT be an extraordinary rare and most valuable artwork but you’ll also be able to ‘stake’ it to earn ELIXIR tokens each day for passive income.

    You can read about ELIXIR in the Planet X Movie  here.

    "Material possessions and financial wealth on "PLANET X" have long been superseded by the vital importance of 'knowledge', ‘longevity’ or ‘immortality’, made possible by a generic stem cell stimulant created from frozen space crystal minerals found in the low orbit atmosphere above the ice plains. The crystals are mined in space and added to a secret concoction of plant extracts and other rare minerals to create a drink solution called "ELIXIR", which is created, controlled and distributed by KING ANU and the Royal Bloodlines of the Royal Floating Garden Kingdom" Tim Burke, writer/creator, Planet X.

    Mutant staking of your Mr. Metaverse NFTs will be ready for anyone owning 3 of more NFTs.

    There will be 3 tiers of mutant Elixir (E1, E2 & E3). We will be auctioning our ultra E3 Elixir serums each week which will transform your Mr. Metaverse into one of our spine-chilling, petrifying, and most sinister 1 of 1 3D Mega Mutants with the most staking power. There will be 51 Mega Mutants each with its own gruesome and horrifying look. 10 collectors will also be airdropped E3 serums through giveaways, winning tournaments, and games.

  • APRIL - MAY 2022

    Meta Studios & the Movie Metaverse will launch with established executive producers.

    The meta movie studio venture connects two large production movie studios in Hollywood and Atlanta developing movie IP which will cross over to the ultra-realistic Movie MetaVerse.

    ‘Meta studios’ in Los Angeles is a new production studio developing high value assets & IP for the Metaverse.


    “We are excited to start developing some of the most exciting Movie and NFT IP that will cross over from traditional cinema into the Metaverse and digital asset space. We are developing the most cutting edge meta production studios allowing for immersive 3D content to be shot for the Metaverse and for traditional feature film at the highest quality simultaneously”. Duke DuQuesnay, Vice President Of Business Development, Voltron Studios.

    One of the first Movie Metaverse projects being developed is ancient alien epic ‘Planet X’ from writer/creator Tim Burke.

    “Planet X is a tidally-locked Planet within a hypervelocity star system, viewers of the movie will be able to actually buy and rent land within their favorite cities and locations in the movie.

    NFT owners will even be able to buy their favorite movie character homes to live in the movie-inspired Metaverse.

    Planet X Movie Metaverse is being co-developed by Meta Studios.

    “The meta studios venture will develop interconnected ultra-realistic Metaverse worlds similar to a theme park in today’s reality. A visitor to the Movie Metaverse will be able to choose where they want to visit weather it’s a sci-fi, western, futuristic, medieval, fantasy meta world.” Tim Burke concludes.

  • March - ONGOING 2022

    Planet X Metaverse Events & Crypto Club membership

    Once we sell out, all of our holders will have access to future private Planet X events and have a chance to win gold membership to the first of our partner international crypto clubs planned to open in London in 2022.

    These events will vary from film set visits to luxury private vacations to catwalk shows. For our first event, we will have a Planet X Party/ movie event at a venue, film set, yacht or private island!

    We will also collaborate with other major NFT projects on these events.

    Visit their discord for more info see website www.cc-gbl.io

  • APRIL - ONGOING - NFT Podcast

    Community is everything. NFT, Movie & Paranormal Podcast creation.

    The creators of the Movie Metaverse and Planet X will start a weekly podcast to build the NFT community which will be distributed via Youtube, TikTok and Spotify.

    An entertainment partnership bringing the World of Planet X and the Movie Metaverse to a Podcast & Reality TV show.

    The Podcast will see MTV Hosts Timothy Burke & team interview some of the biggest NFT influencers and celebrities in the crypto, NFT and Movie industry.


    Podcast interviews are posted on Discord for community engagement and AMAs.

    A podcast covering all types of topics similar to the Joe Rogan Experience could start to reach millions of people every month for Mr. Metaverse and other NFT projects.

  • 2022 - ongoing


    We are about our community and we want you to be a part of something special, so we have decided that people who mint mutant, movie character and other special NFTs will receive special movie perks such as filmset visits, movie character rewards, premiere invites & extra roles etc. ‘111 Extreme rare’ will have direct involvement in the movie such as Speaking Roles, Cameo, extra roles, free land and CGI characters of themselves in the film & many more.

    Production testing has already begun at Voltron Studios in Hollywood using the very latest L.E.D Tile technology. Please see below behind the scenes of production testing of a Planet X teaser trailer we have in development.


    Please see videos on the Planet X project and showreel.


    “Planet X” is a monumental science fiction fantasy adventure with a dark and seductive storyline of ‘power’ and a new ‘secret’ inter-dimensional technology. The script has received ‘consideration’ from Paramount Pictures script department before Covid. The expansive entertainment project comprises a movie, online gaming, NFT platform, a Metaverse, and an X-files style TV series in development with entertainment provided to Mr. Metaverse NFT holders.

    The production team can be seen here and have over 50+ IMDB film credits, including talks with Hollywood movie studio executive producers and financiers. Each week the production team is increasing as the Planet X project gains more and more attention.

    Once you register on the website you’ll join our movie news production newsletter. The project is one of the first user-generated projects so you can get involved in every aspect of the movie-making process. If you are interested in more information about the film production please contact us.

    The Planet X team is also setting up a top secret ‘Majestic-11’ group of crypto whales with an interest in the unexplained and the modern-day, X-files style TV series. If you are a crypto whale or would like to invite any for possible selection to this secret group please contact us here:- majestic11@protonmail.com.

    The Planet X franchise  wouldn't be complete if it didn't center itself around today's UFO phenomena. The TV series will be a scripted drama from the view of the secret societies and industrial military complex who hold the  secrets of past and continuing UFO and alien visitations here on Earth and what their end game is. Are you a writer? Marketing expert? Financier, producer, designer or movie who wants to get involved? Contact us today.

  • 2022- JUNE - First International Crypto Clubs Open.

    First International Crypto Clubs Open in physical space and Metaverse. Clubs planned for London, Miami, Los Angeles, Singapore & New York. 
    London and Miami Crypto Clubs will open first in 2022.

    Crypto Club Global - is an exclusive private members club which is launching physical and virtual clubhouses across the world where Investors, Founders, Developers, and Tech & Fintech enthusiasts can collaborate and socialise around Entertainment, Blockchain, DeFi, Crypto, NFTs and Web 3. Membership will be via the ownership of a limited number of exclusive NFTs for each major city, beginning with a Genesis Collection of 5,000 membership NFTs which will have universal membership rights to every clubhouse across the globe.
    The rollout of clubhouses will start with London and the Metaverse, quickly followed by Miami yacht club:


    New York, Dubai, Singapore & Hollywood will follow with the ultimate aim to have a clubhouse in every major city across the globe in the years to come. The clubhouses’ facilities will include bars, restaurants, collaborative working spaces and accommodation. Whilst also providing the membership with regular lunches, dinners, guest speakers, and even launch an Innovation Fund to provide seed capital to support founders launch their own projects within the club at regular ‘Whale Tank’ events. Everything we are building is designed to cater to a global community. From the Discord server to the virtual clubhouse, we recognize that the crypto space is international, and we will do everything within our ability to ensure our international members benefit from the same level of value from the club as the members physically based in London.

    Additionally, London is just the beginning. Once we have successfully established our London club, our aspiration is to rollout physical clubhouses into North America, Asia, Europe and Australasia. With each membership from the Genesis Collection offering full membership to every other clubhouse, you will be able to grow and strengthen your network globally.

  • 2022 - ONWARDS

    “Planet X” is the first project in the Movie Metaverse and launches with an interactive NFT collection called Mr. Metaverse. A prized 3 for 1 collection of 8,888 unique & original NFTs, registered as ERC-721, which hold value and utility both on Planet X and here on Planet Earth. Planet X has teamed up with Mintable.App for the Presale and Public Mints and is providing its buyers “No Gas Fees” and the ability to use credits cards or crypto for minting.

    The Collection has been expertly designed with Utility and Rarity:-


    1 - Rarest
    4 - Redcarpet Rare Movie Characters
    11 - 3D Extraordinary Rare Mr. Metaverse
    21 - 1-1 Ultra Rare 2D
    31 - Extreme Mutant rare
    51 - Elixir Rare Serum
    111 - Planet X Land Parcels
    333 - Princess & Toad Catwalk NFT
    511 - Super rare baby X
    1,111 - Gold necklaces
    111 - Supreme Rare Golden Tickets
    211 - Mystery giveaway
    311 - Metaverse Rare Avatars
    411 - Invite-Only Filmset & Premiere Invites
    $500k - Giveaway

    March Update: The creator of the collection have decided to delay the main collection drop to help support Ukraine with a custom NFT drop of 3,333 NFTs branded with the Ukraine flag. 70% of all NFTs sales in this collection will be sent to people in need or official digital wallets for Ukraine.

  • Movie Metaverse press on Mintable.com

    Movie Metaverse press on Mintable.com


  • JUNE - 2022

    Mr. Metaverse Rewards, Staking & Elixir Serum given to holders.
    You must mint and own 3x Mr. Metaverses so you can mutate your Mr. Metaverse to achieve the prized staking bonus as passive income.

    Mutant NFTs allow the holder to passively be rewarded in our native ‘ELIXIR’ and 'META' NFT Tokens. Once the NFT or tokenized asset is transferred to the ‘staking platform’ then governance could be assigned to that asset to determine the tokenomics.

    'Elixir' serum will be auctioned and airdropped to holders so they can also mutate their NFTs for mutant staking.

    The NFT Collection is being dubbed at the Ultimate Utility NFT Collection. Utility and awards include:

    I. Meet & Greet Stars & Premiere Invites

    II. Invite To West Coast & East Coast Fashion Show

    III. Daily Passive Earning with Mutant Staking

    IV. Meta Token Card

    V. Movie Rewards, Perks & Film set Visit

    VII. Crypto Club International Memberships

    V111. Early Access To Elixir Token


    X. Exec. Producer Credits

    XI. IMDB Film Credits  

    XII. Crypto Giveaways

    XIII. Film Party invites