Collection : 8,888

There are a total of 8,888 NFTs relating to the 12 Dimensions on Planet X (and possibly here on Earth). Owning an XIO is your key to unlocking multiple rewards and secrets to the movie and metaverse of Planet X. XIO includes both 2D & 3D with high utility draw rates of about 13%. 


Congratulations! You own one of our 3D Xio NFTs! These 3D’s will have special utility will be revealed after launch.


This collection contains 21 x one-of-one Xio artworks made of famous movies, animes, sports, and TV characters of our time! Mint one of these and win a cameo or walk-on Movie Role in Planet X. You will also receive a triple entry into our Planet X Giveaway.

Extreme Mutant rare : TBD

For every 3 NFTs you own, you will receive an ELIXIR to transform your NFT into the mutant version. Utility for Mutants will be revealed after launch

Super rare baby xio : 111

Super Rare NFTs are Baby versions of Xio. They are cute and adorable, but don’t let them fool you. They can pack a punch and carry their own weapons and rarity! The owners will receive access to be the first ones to own our $ELXR Token. Baby X holders will have their own giveaway in the near future. Stay Tuned!

Ancient Artifacts : 333

There are 3 Ancient Artifacts. Each artifact holds a special Utility that we will be revealed after launch. These artifacts are special and there is a limited number of them within the collection. You do not want to miss out on this mint. You’ll also receive the secret story and script information and insights from the Planet Movie and TV series.

Planet X GIVEAWAY : 1

Everyone that owns an NFT receives one entry into the prize giveaway draw. The more Mr. Metaverse you own the more chance you have at winning the giveaways. Metatroopers also have exclusive rewards specific to them only! (Read more on how to become a Metatrooper on discord). The prize draw includes Exclusive Planet X Automobiles, Gaming Systems, Meta Token Cards, Animated Film Frames, Land Parcels,  whitelists, and much more. Please see Discord for details.