There are multiple methods of generating revenue across the MetaVerse gameplay that shall be revealed and released in the future for our gaming community. This will include:

● Buy, sell, or lease your Land in the MetaVerse’s virtual world. ● Rewards for winning player battles across our virtual-based 1-1 and multiplayer system.

● Selling virtual assets and staking META crypto tokens within the virtual world.

● Selling your NFTs and growing your AVATARs.

● Allowing for the ability to trade, sell or lease your AVATAR to other players to use.

● Learning magic and spells with enhanced knowledge.

● Designing digital NFT ‘Weapons and Protection schemes’ that can be sold out or used for winning Wealth.

● Running transports for LAND PARCELS discovery.

● Charging for activities to other gamers and players across the virtual shared space.

● Buy and sell digital NFT Art in galleries and ancient digital antiques within the virtual spaces.

● Planet X MetaVerse will allow its users to set up shops and stores within the virtual shared system for selling online and crypto services.

● Offer protection to other players.

● Discovering more about ‘The Source’ and ‘The Watchers’.

● Buying and selling the prized ‘Elixir’ plant extract and cryptocurrency to other gamers, intergalactic traders, and the illegal intergalactic Elixir trade.

● Discovering more about the Movie from buying movie script pages.

● Setting up stores for selling and swapping NFT and digital assets to other players.

● Hacking players and getting in-game hacks.

● Investing time in getting skills and selling them to other players.

● Becoming a secret agent within the MetaVerse, selling secrets among players, and discovering secret bonuses and knowledge, and gaining META wealth for ‘selling secrets’ in the shared space.

● Creating NFTs for selling across the MetaVerse.

● Investing RUON into virtual projects and setting up virtual deals with brokers.

● Harvesting virtual crops and Elixir across the virtual kingdoms.

● Earning META for protecting King ANU and his royal circles and other movie characters.

META and RUON will be on listed exchanges in late 2021. Please join our Discord and Twitter for when they will be available to buy. When available, you will need a crypto wallet with ETH or another Ethereum-based ERC20 token to trade at Uniswap. If you need ETH, you can purchase it with fiat money at Coinbase or Binance and transfer it to your wallet. META and RUON will soon be available from centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, although Coinbase or Binance does not currently sell them. We are working on that—signup for our newsletter for more exchanges.

When launched, citizens will be able to see all their LAND PARCELS and NFTs within the RUON App, which will have its own NFT wallet. Citizens will also be able to access, buy, sell and store all their NFTs using the ‘META’ and ‘RUON’ cryptocurrencies inside the MetaVerse. Citizens may also buy META and RUON cryptocurrency to grow their NFT AVATARs so they can live and survive in the MetaVerse. Please see AVATAR tabs. Once launched, Citizens may use RUON Currency for all manner of paying for things inside the MetaVerse, just like using the US dollar in our economy here on Earth. ‘META’ and ‘RUON’ are Planet X’s global economies and currencies, just like the US Dollar ($) is for the United States or the British Pound (£) is for the United Kingdom.

Members may either spend META or RUON within the Planet X MetaVerse by buying goods and services, or land and other NFTs, or exchange it for other crypto and fiat currency on other exchanges outside of Planet X. When the RUON App is released, members may send it to others through the RUON social media app. Please see for more information.

META – Dec, 2021 est.RUON – TBC

Total Supply – 250,000,000 Year 1 Circulating – up to 25,000,000 Year 2 Circulating – up to 75,000,000 Year 3 Circulating – up to 150,000,000


The Planet X MetaVerse is a blockchain-powered virtual world connected to VR, gaming, and a future movie franchise that is written and in development. The LAND PARCELS are digital real estate that members may buy, lease, re-sell, or construct and build on. By owning a piece of land on Planet X, members can create different types of activity for others to play, use, rent, populate, or buy. Join, create, buy, and grow NFT AVATARS on your LAND PARCELS and within this alternative virtual universe and blockchain economy, soon to be accessible via virtual reality, gaming, cross-platform, and possibly featured in the Planet X movie trilogy one day. Citizens (aka members) can buy, sell, and construct LAND PARCELS using META or RUON, Planet X’s native alien cryptocurrencies. Each LAND PARCEL is a unique (non-fungible) rare collectible artwork NFT registered as an (ERC-721).

LAND PARCELS are digital real-estate in Planet X’s MetaVerse. Each is a unique, non-fungible ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain with its own metadata and Planet co-ordinates registered within the MetaVerse and blockchain.

In the beginning, generation drop PX-001, LAND PARCELS will be sold in 50 sq k/m parcel sizes. Some of these 50 sq k/m plots will be divided or ‘fractionalized’ into 50 ‘estates’ of 1 sq k/m, allowing 50 members to own an equal piece of a 50 sq k/m lot at a reduced price and provide a busier community in that area. There will be at least 750 LAND PARCELS that will have the ability to be split up into 50 smaller estates of 1 sq km or more, allowing for up to 37,500 smaller estates of 1 sq k/m each to be purchased in future generation drops. (Please note: these details have not been finalized and could be modified). Can LAND OWNERS Divide and/or Fractionalize their Land to Sell to other Citizens? Yes, this will be available in the future; please contact us for details. There will be a fee to be paid to the MetaVerse land owners and Planetary survey commissioners.

Well, first, a citizen needs to buy or create an NFT and grow that NFT into a 3D AVATAR to access the MetaVerse, or they can buy a citizenship or LAND PARCEL. See how to grow NFTs on the AVATAR tab. Once a member enters the MetaVerse, they must then ask other members in Kincha Kown – a suburb in Megatropolis – where to find the offices of Mr. MetaVerse, a multi-dimensional NFT creature and master architect of the Planet X MetaVerse. Once a member has found their offices, they will need to buy ‘META’ or ‘RUON’ to submit survey and land permit information to obtain land permits to start building on their land. Here they may also find a map to building and construction companies based in the ‘SpaceScrapers’ of Megatropolis and surrounding areas to fast track and start building sooner. Members may also provide financial incentives, rewards, bonuses, contracts, and even bribes to get their LAND developed quicker than others. If you can imagine it, we can build it. Building a mansion, island, castle, NFT art gallery, or building that other citizens can use and meet in can take 1 to 9 weeks, depending on your creation.

Owners can develop upon LAND PARCELS to make money. Landowners can lease land or build games, virtual stores, or online 3D buildings, which other members can enter and buy all types of services similar to movies like ‘Real Player One. Can Anyone Visit my Virtual Property? Yes, and just like the real world, you can have private security or throw lavish parties inviting whoever you like over. Will my Land, House, Creation, or Mansion be Accessible in VR? Yes. That is the whole point as to why the MetaVerse is groundbreaking and the next big thing in technology, human interaction and connection. Will you have Finished 3D Buildings and Developments also to Purchase? Yes, we will. So stock up on META cryptocurrency. How Much does it Cost to Build or Develop my LAND? Just like in the real world, developing land costs money. You will need to own and pay with META but don’t worry; everything can be worked out. Within the Planet X MetaVerse, there is always a deal to be made. ‘

We have signed one of the best 3D World builders, online and VR gaming developers to build out the MetaVerse. Please see the roadmap FAQ tab. What is the First Stage of the MetaVerse Development? Rather than having a vast empty Virtual world with players spread across wide gaps with low-quality graphics covering a larger 3D world, we have decided that Stage One (1) of the MetaVerse will be centered around a backstreet district, called Kincha Kown, within the depths of Megatropolis. The idea is that all players start at the very bottom of society and work their way up to the top by any means possible. Like any grand plan, we are starting small and growing in stages, similar to how communities grow their NFTs. Virtual-reality, cross-platform, blockchain-powered NFT MetaVerses, play-to-earn are today’s most cutting-edge technologies. Although, many big tech companies believe they are the future, many are in their infancy in terms of buildout. “Planet X” is no exception. As of now, the MetaVerse has just been born, and as we sell NFTs, LAND PARCELS, and the community builds, so too will the MetaVerse. The more NFTs we sell, the bigger the community, and the MetaVerse will grow. Once we list the ‘META’ and ‘RUON’ Token, further community building and development of MetaVerse will follow. We are also closing VC and crypto funds for additional investments to build the gaming and MetaVerse. Please contact for more investor information.

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“PLANET X” is a science fiction franchise across gaming, NFTs, TV, online MetaVerse and a big budget sci-fi Movie in development. An epic war saga of Ancient Aliens with a dark and seductive story about the true nature of ‘power’, and a new ‘secret’ new inter-dimensional technology.

The Movie is an adapted screenplay from ancient Sumerian clay tablet writings, discovered in 1849 by British archeologist, Austin Henry.

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