Queen Lusket


Daughter of a noble, well respected, highly decorated and thoroughly
brutal, ill-tempered Alien Warlord. His violence runs through her blood.
Noble in her home land, she is humanoid and is seen as a great beauty.

Her planet sent a fleet to attack Planet X for their ELIXIR, but the fleet was repelled and the war continued over many years. Lusket is a Treaty Wife.
She became Royalty and allowed extended use of ELIXIR. The peace brought by Anu leaves her very frustrated, isolated and bored.

To alleviate her frustrations she has multiple affairs, including senior heads of Anu’s military. The danger excited her, as did the prospect of being involved with military decisions. She hoped to maneuver hostilities. This backfired when the Commander, in fear of discovery and a death sentence, had her banished from all military bases, actions and decisions.

This, in turn, tipped her into increasingly dangerous affairs. She pursues many seductive relationships including mythological beasts, engineered to serve as palace guards. The hybrids are bred with a violent passion and Lusket takes full advantage of the healing properties of the ELIXIR. She takes great pleasure in high risk adventures and the risk of its discovery.

Lusket’s incestuous pusual of her son Enkil is most dangerous. Her and Enkil’s propensity for sadism and excess use of ELIXIR is well served for her ambitions. In public, Anu and Lusket present a united front. Behind closed doors are schemes, divisions, and jealousy on both sides. Anu is increasingly besotted with Lilith and a fury that may soon not be contained.

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“PLANET X” is a science fiction franchise across gaming, NFTs, TV, online MetaVerse and a big budget sci-fi Movie in development. An epic war saga of Ancient Aliens with a dark and seductive story about the true nature of ‘power’, and a new ‘secret’ new inter-dimensional technology.

The Movie is an adapted screenplay from ancient Sumerian clay tablet writings, discovered in 1849 by British archeologist, Austin Henry.

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