The Movie Metaverse 

A top Hollywood-based production, SFX and technology team are behind this expansive movie franchise and NFT project. It will be one of the first movies to integrate NFT characters in the film and also to sell every film frame as an NFT.

The team has worked on a number of movies and TV productions including films with stars such as Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four), Gary Oldman (Batman), David Bautista (Spectre), and many more. The SFX team has worked on projects including The Avengers, Twilight Saga, Rampage, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Stranger Things. See Planet X production team page.

One of the rising stars of Planet X is Amir Tyson, in his major motion picture debut.

“I’m thrilled to be an early member of the cast and be a part of this revolutionary new movie and NFT metaverse concept” Amir Tyson added.

The production team plans to release a trailer for Planet X using the latest L.E.D tile production technology allowing for Movie and Metaverse Worlds to be built and filmed simultaneously.

Meta Studios in Los Angeles is a new Web3 movie production studio developing high-value assets & IP for the metaverse. Duke DuQuesnay, Head of SFX business development at Voltron & Meta Studios:

“We are excited to start developing some of the most exciting movie IP that will cross over from traditional cinema into the Movie Metaverse and the digital asset space”.

Meta Studios Co-Founder Greggory Jacobson adds; “We are developing one of the most cutting-edge production studios using the most advanced L.E.D title screen technology, allowing for the highest quality immersive 3D content to be shot for the Metaverse and for the traditional film at the same time”.

“Planet X” Metaverse L.E.D tile testing at Meta Studios, Hollywood California.

“We feel the future of the metaverse isn’t ‘blocky’ like the few metaverses currently on the market but actually ultra-high quality and this is why this new L.E.D title technology is so important as it helps make the Movie Metaverse from the high-quality film production”, Duke concludes.

Greggory continues: “Within the Movie Metaverse we will be developing digital assets and characters that are seen in a movie but can also be sold and used as NFTs before or after the film release. So imagine designing the Batmobile and actually having its NFT owner be able to drive it within the Movie Metaverse. The same with buildings and characters are seen in the movies. Soon you’ll be able to live and follow the storyline of new movies inside the metaverse. In a magical way, a user in the Movie Metaverse can actually become the Movie Star”.

It is predicted that in the future movies might even be shot and made using mapping technologies more geared for game and world-building. To keep up with the Web3 technology revolution Meta Studios production facilities will have sound stages, web3 post-production facilities, and motion-capture stages to integrate with its 360-degree virtual production facility.

The Meta Studios and Planet X production partnership allow for next-generation web3 movie production and high-def metaverse generation build. It brings movies directly into the metaverse with near picture-perfect mapped worlds and integrated storylines a user can follow as they enter the metaverse.

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