The game takes place in the sand and desert plains of THE SWALLOW SANDS, the supercities of the Golden Banner, the Spacescrapers of Megatropolis and the dark Ice Plains of the Great Ice Peaks. The Swallow Sands cover the left side of the planet facing the Sun a hypervelocity Star called “NUN”. 

The Golden Banner is a thin strip of land sandwiched between the Swallow Sands and the Great Ice Plains.

The Ice Plains cover the far side of Planet X facing the space just traveled through by the “NUN” hypervelocity Star and Planet X. Planet X does not orbit NUN, it is dragged through space by its gravitational pull, bringing it through black-holes and across galaxies for billions of years. Planet X also does not rotate like Earth. It is stationary. The Swallow Sands continuously face NUN whilst the Ice Peaks constantly face in the opposite direction and the depths of space just traveled.

Above Planet X is the Royal Floating Gardens where King Anu, Planetary Overlord and his royal courts and family, including twin brothers: ENKIL and CASSIUS, live.

The Royal Gardens, along with its many moons, do orbit the Planet and therefore have days and nights. The position and speed of orbit is chosen and controlled by The House of Anu.

There are Four major KINGDOMS in the Movie Metaverse and play-to-earn game.

However, the Four Sides require a mastery of the first three sides. 


The Swallow Sands contain the humanoid armies of Solar Soldiers, Dune Dwellers and post-apocalyptic rebels who belong to the House of Ashoa, Overlord of the Swallow Sands. Within the Swallow Sands, you have an array of exotic beasts and monsters, from giant sand slugs, dune walkers, dragon flies, sand-fire dragons, giant spider swarms, ruptures, dinosaurs and mechanical bugs (created in the post-apocalyptic cities). Note, the Spirit Plains (or death layers) exist outside ‘The Great Wall’ of the Golden Banner just before the deserts of the Swallow Sands. This is an area where people go to die to be with their loved ones who have passed, or to receive higher knowledge. They can be brought back to life but only on occasions.


The Great Ice Plains, led by The House of Izisis, Overlord King, along with his Evil Queen have a humanoid army of ice soldiers, vampires and snowtop assassins. They are also the rulers of the Spirit Dimension and one of the ‘Entry Control Point’ (ECP) for this unknown dimension known as the 8th, in their kingdom. The Ice Plains have many alien races, predators and weapon systems, including the Great Abdominal Snowman of Whiterock Mountain and the Twin Rollers cast deep within the old cryptocurrency mining caves of Btal’Haxor underneath the Everlin Snowtop Mountain ranges. Each Kingdom is split into many fractions and each fraction has their own small group of governors or leaders. A fraction house exists in the underwater city of Fleshaiaa. The Ice Plains also have a Spirit Domain where people can die, and come back to life again, in order to spend time with loved ones or have a spiritual rebirth, called ‘Revitalization’.



Sandwiched between the two faces of Planet X, The Great Wall of The Swallow Sands and the Great Moat of the Ice Plains, is a long strip of urban sprawl. A mega-city only 350 km wide across, but over 32,000 km long, it stretches from north to south. In places, these cities have high rises nearing low orbit space called ‘Spacescrapers’ where the servers for the CGVWs (the 6th) are housed in ice cold temperatures of low orbit. Within these vast mega-cities, we have city workers, relics, reptilians, high-breds, the greys, morphs, illegal ELIXIR dealers, mutant traffickers, paid assassins, dark web asset traders, gangsters, traps and virtual world hackers and fixers in the 5th. 

North and south of Megatropolis are the ‘Cities of the Golden Banners’, which are built upon different topography and include The Great Lakes, the underground cave cities of M’artook the Floating Villages of Zanzeebarr and a large number of ELIXIR trading and mining spaceport towns.

In the north of The Golden Banner, you find the heavily fortified greenhouse and plantations for the ELIXIR  production, the ancient holy temple mountains of The Great Mediators, and The Dark Forest overlords of Nyalk’va.

The Lost City of Children resides in the very south of the Golden Banner, atop of the Aztar Appacho mountain ranges.



This is a huge satellite Sky City that governs and watches over PLANET X. The House of King ANU and his Royal Bloodline comprising 24 wives, and twin blood sons Prince Enkil and Prince Cassius, live within the peace and quiet of the Floating Gardens. This huge, protected and highly weaponized city is connected to the City of Rings, which is situated on a meteorite belt along the ring of one of the 24 moons surrounding PLANET X, protecting the gardens. The Royal Floating Gardens of ANU surround PLANET X, making this the only kingdom with night and day. As PLANET X passes infront of the satellite city, the Sun is blocked from the floating gardens, creating nightfall.

The other kingdoms either have all day or all night. A portion of the House of Anu is the City of Hawk-heads, which provides personal protection and service to the royals, the high priests, grand court members and King ANU’s extended family.


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“PLANET X” is a science fiction franchise across gaming, NFTs, TV, online MetaVerse and a big budget sci-fi Movie in development. An epic war saga of Ancient Aliens with a dark and seductive story about the true nature of ‘power’, and a new ‘secret’ new inter-dimensional technology.

The Movie is an adapted screenplay from ancient Sumerian clay tablet writings, discovered in 1849 by British archeologist, Austin Henry.

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