Lillith is a genetically created Hybrid and Dream Daemoness created by the Dream Dwellers within the Megatropolis. She masters the volatile and dangerous 8th Dimension, The Dream World. She is made as perfect in the eyes of King Anu who becomes hopelessly, blindly besotted. 

She is equally beautiful as she is manipulative. Her horrors include killing children, drinking the blood of men and eating their flesh, causing women to miscarry, and bringing disturbed sleep night terrors.

Lilith is based on biblical stories, mythology, and tales of gods and goddesses from cultures and religions originating across Planet X.

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“PLANET X” is a science fiction franchise across gaming, NFTs, TV, online MetaVerse and a big budget sci-fi Movie in development. An epic war saga of Ancient Aliens with a dark and seductive story about the true nature of ‘power’, and a new ‘secret’ new inter-dimensional technology.

The Movie is an adapted screenplay from ancient Sumerian clay tablet writings, discovered in 1849 by British archeologist, Austin Henry.

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