About 80% of humanoid species in the Golden Banner spend 85% and the majority of their waking hours in Computer Simulated Virtual Worlds or CSVWs, known as the 6th Dimension or just the 6th.

EXILIR (or longevity) and ‘knowledge’ is the main currency on “PLANET X”, however, some global cryptocurrencies do exist which can be earnt inside the 6th (CSWS) and spent on the 5th or in ‘base’.

There is, in fact, no need to make money at all: technology is so advanced that any material object, even food, can be simply created in seconds. Travel is redundant as teleportation has been in use for an epoch and is, in fact, known as an old means of travel.

Inhabitants of Planet X now live and travel using their minds in the “Transhumanism Age,” which are super advanced, lifelike virtual reality simulations. Humanoid inhabitants live out a number of different lives in these fantasy worlds created by vast networks of computers with huge server farms in the spacescrapers of Megatropolis.

Someone with little means on Planet X can now live a life of infinite wealth in a number of these Computer Simulated Virtual Worlds (CSVWs). Life within a CSVW is as 98% as near to life-like as their real existence in the 5th and inhabitants can spend weeks or even months connected to a CSVW.

If they die in a CSVW, they simply restart a new life as a different character or creature in a new world of their choosing. The possibilities for life here are endless. All types of fantasies and reincarnations are lived out every day through these virtual worlds.

And so, real-life has been superseded by the multiple lives within the CSVWs where players (and inhabitants) can become anyone or anything.

Possession and consumption of the ELIXIR is now the number one goal for all beings on ISLANDIA. The longer they can live on PLANET X, the longer they can live out their fantasies in the CSVWs and there are many illegal ELIXIR traders in operation all over the planet and in the backstreets of Megatropolis. Which is where you start your journey when joining the Movie Metaverse.

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“PLANET X” is a science fiction franchise across gaming, NFTs, TV, online MetaVerse and a big budget sci-fi Movie in development. An epic war saga of Ancient Aliens with a dark and seductive story about the true nature of ‘power’, and a new ‘secret’ new inter-dimensional technology.

The Movie is an adapted screenplay from ancient Sumerian clay tablet writings, discovered in 1849 by British archeologist, Austin Henry.

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